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We believe every Eastern Kentuckian and every family should have a high-quality home they can afford. We help people of all backgrounds achieve their dreams of owning a home or improving the home they have. 

We work with individuals and families who live in Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry counties in rural southeastern Kentucky. Occasionally, we are also able to help the people of Floyd County. The counties we serve are some of the poorest in the nation, with over 42% of families in our area being listed as low-income.

A Brighter Future

At HDA, the one thing we do not believe is that being poor is some kind of personal failure. We believe that our region faces many challenges that are bigger than any one family can overcome on its own. That’s why affordable housing is so important – it gives Eastern Kentucky families the foundation of financial stability they need to create opportunities for themselves and the ability to have more self-determination. 

Eastern Kentuckians are in need of affordable housing help for various reasons, including not being able to afford rent or a house payment, unaffordable utility costs, homes in need of significant and often expensive repairs, overcrowded homes, homes that pose health and safety risks for those who live there, and homes that are simply not decent places to live. 

One common misconception about the Housing Development Alliance is that we give away houses. Actually, the low-income families we serve must first qualify for our program and participate in Housing Counseling in order to prepare them to become homeowners. HDA homeowners also contribute up to 150 hours of sweat equity, meaning that they offset some of their home loan costs by working alongside our carpenters to build their own home. So, our program is far from a hand out, but it is very much a hand up to folks who need it.

In Their Own Words

Hear From Our Homeowners

New Homeownership

John & Korrie

John Haddix and Korrie Shockey never thought owning a home would be possible. Seeking a new and better life together, John encouraged Korrie to reach out to HDA. Now, after becoming new homeowners, Korrie and John feel like they can accomplish even more. Find out how this couple's journey in recovery opened the door to long-held dreams.

The Walls Family

A single dad, Richard longed to give his children a better home. The home they were living in had a floor that wasn't level, unreliable and inefficient heating and cooling, and leaks every time it rained. But then he came to HDA. Now, he and his children have a new home of their very own in Gurney's Bend. Read the rest of their story below.

The Bakers

Benny and Jennifer Baker longed to give their four children a better home. Through hard work and a lot of patience, the family accomplished their goals! Their new HDA house has also inspired them to reach for new heights. Learn more about the Bakers and their journey below.

The Spencers

Jack and Sherry Spencer wanted a better home in which to grow older together - one that had more space for them and their grandchildren and one that would be more affordable, especially when it came to their monthly utility bills. Find out how they got the home they dreamed of and what the homeownership process was like for them at the link below.

The Montgomerys

JJ Montgomery longed to provide a better home and a better life for his daughter and mother. Living in a small, one-bedroom apartment, he worked long hours for the local city police department and simply wanted to build his family a house in the hometown he loves. Check out JJ's story to see how he and his family accomplished their dreams through HDA.

Susan's Story

Gaining Independence Through Homeownership: Morgan's Story

At just 25 years old, Leslie County's Morgan Rice was determined to stand on her own two feet, maintain a job in East Kentucky, and stay close to home. She had her own land, which she'd bought with her own hard-earned money, but couldn't afford a home of her own ... until she heard about HDA.

On Growing Up in an HDA Home ...

The Home That Built Me: Joy's Story

Joy Sebastian spent her early years growing up in Hazard's projects. Her family, which included her parents and brother, soon found that the apartment they called home was much too small for all of them. Turning to HDA for help, the Sebastians later moved into a new home of their own. Discover the impact this change had in Joy's life.

Home Repair

Giving Back To Those Who Have Served: The Spicers

From the moment he left high school, Tony Spicer served his community. First, as a Marine, and later, as a pastor - even doing mission work abroad - and as a youth karate coach. But misfortune would find Tony and make his life more challenging than he ever imagined. With his body and his home seemingly falling apart, he reached out for help and found that the community he'd served was willing to serve him and lift him up when he needed it most.

Healing Home and Repairing Lives: Novalene's Story

When it comes to major repair work in our region, one of our most common projects is bathroom replacement. A homeowner who needed a project like this is Novalene Miller, a widow who lives alone but who regularly looks after her nine grandchildren (sometimes, all at once!). Unable to afford the repairs she needed, Novalene turned to HDA. Find out more about her repair story at the link below.

A Life Reclaimed: Dorsie's Story

Dorsie Caudill is a widowed wife, living alone and on a small fixed income in the home her husband built more than 36 years ago. Diagnosed with a bone disease, Dorsie was often confined to the 2nd floor of her home, since the main living quarters are separated from her laundry room, pantry, and main entryway by a 14-step staircase. Find out how HDA helped make her home more accessible so that she could age-in-place safely!
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